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Al-Aziz is your best source for Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipments.
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Your Diagnostic Imaging Resource

Solution to All your Medical Imaging Demands
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Quality and reliability in a single source

Our team of diagnosticians is always ready to help you be more healthy.
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Diverse Modalities

Al-Aziz provides the most diverse range of modalities under one roof.

Response Time

Al-Aziz is different from all refurbished equipment providers as we have an engineering team consisting of more than 15 engineers due to which we can promise a 24 hours support response time throughout Pakistan.

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What Makes Us Different

Large Team of multimodality engineers in one company.

Qualified Team

We at Al-Aziz have a large team of qualified engineers who are very good in making sure your equipment is up at all times.

More Than 10,000 Parts

We At Al-Aziz understand that promising 99% uptime to our clients means that we need to have all the spares in our warehouse, so we can get your machines up as fast as possible..

Nationwide Footprint

Al-Aziz provides 24 hours support services throughout Pakistan. We are committed to the success of our clients.

Look no Further!

Al-Aziz is Your best source for all your Medical Imaging Demands,

Your Diagnostic imaging resource

Our center provides a vast range of Diagnostic services for hospitals all over in our state.